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Hi all!
I am a graphic designer and so much more. I enjoy trying many different forms of art and creating. I decided to keep an online record of the things I try and that's when this blog began.
I am very new to this posting and sharing words with the online community so pictures will do for now...until I can work up to actually posting full sentences, bare with me. Until then please enjoy looking through my projects and current activities.
Would love to here your opinions!
Nail art decals by Designer Piggies new look…pre-cut piggies!
Sweet Baby Printable cupcake toppers

I printed and cut these at home then added a silver cardstock behind them after glueing the lollipop stick to the printable.

Purchase cupcake toppers, cypcake wrappers, cake topper, triangle banner and welcome sign here…
Q: congrats :) you're our notw winner for this week! thank you so much for submitting!! we love your nails!
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Party printables
Cake wrap printable
Hulk party printables
Designer nail decals!!
Nail art decals

Get them here…

I design and make these decals.

thank you so much for submitting!!
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Happy birthday to me!!! :D
Wearing my birthday girl decals!
Iron man nail decals!!!

That teal ring finger nail and iron mans teal gaze is incredible against the red and yellow!

Get yours at…
You can add your own accents over the decals to further personalize them. I added two acrylic gems to my ring finger nail in this pic of Designer Piggies luxe.
The decals do not come with this accent.
Heeeere kitty kitty…

These are decals!! Just place over white polish and then add any clear topcoat and your done!

No crooked lines, weird patterns or bumpy nails polish….best part for me is that my right hand is just as perfect as my left!!!

$5 for this mani and I have two decals left over

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Nail art decals!!! 

By Designer Piggies Luxe edition

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